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3 Ways to Tell if you Need “Big Kid” Marketing Automation

After personally using 4 different email management systems over the past 7 years to create, launch, and track over 650 email campaigns in both the B2C and B2B worlds, I can assuredly tell you, there are differences between them. There are differences between the little guys that charge nominal fees, and the marketing automation systems that will cost you thousands of dollars per month and pick up your dry-cleaning. Read moreRead more


5 Factors Behind the Great Sales & Marketing Talent Shortage of 2011

As one of the founders of Woodlyn Partners, Lee Hoffstein has his finger on the pulse of the job market for sales and marketing talent in the Greater Boston area. A diligent publisher of his market observations, Lee has recently drawn attention to what can be termed a “candidate shortage”, for the first time in years. Lee shares what this means for employers and for job candidates – and what he expects is the root cause. Read moreRead more


Can Marketing Automation be the Great Humanizer?

Part II of our interview with Jill Rowley of Eloqua

Where is she now? Since this article was first published in 2010, Jill has gone on to maintain her status as top salesperson and in 2011 was awarded “Employee of the Year” at Eloqua. She continues to practice what she preaches and remains a leading resource in her field via social media. On August 2, 2012, Eloqua went public on NASDAQ to raise $92 million. Jill was among the team to visit the stock exchange for the event. Read moreRead more


7 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances B2B Relationships

Part I of our interview with Jill Rowley of Eloqua

Jill Rowley, Director of Strategic Accounts for marketing automation pioneer, Eloqua is amped up! Her dedication to helping organizations pro-actively manage revenue opportunities landed her “Top Eloqua Salesperson” 2006-2008. We caught up with this software maven, and mother of four, to talk about the marketing automation journey she’s been on since the summer of 2002. Read moreRead more


Marketing Automation: A Catalyst for B2B Tech Sales Alignment

Jeff Ernst, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, explains that Marketing Automation can help move your lead development process from the bunny slopes to the black diamond zone. It’s our pleasure to interview Jeff about this hot topic in B2B marketing at technology companies.           Read moreRead more