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September 1, 2010

The Bootstrap: What to Expect

Welcome to The Bootstrap, the official blog of New England Sales & Marketing, where you’ll enjoy articles that describe how to make sales and marketing in the B2B tech sector work. We look forward to sharing the perspectives of friends of New England Sales & Marketing, nationwide.

The Bootstrap will be covering a wide variety of topics with you. In addition to focusing on one of the key steps in the sales cycle, lead generation, we’ll be  hearing from sales and marketing luminaries on their latest accomplishments, challenges, and interesting biographical information. If you’ve been wondering who has been making the complex sale cycle work and how – this is the place to find out.

About the Name

The term “bootstrapping” typically refers to a self-sustaining process. This blog was named “The Bootstrap” because most sales and marketing programs are intended to sustain themselves, with the sales activity that they produce. The name also reinforces the New England Sales & Marketing brand in that bootstrapping is a hallmark of the ingenuity for which New Englanders are famous. We create with fewer resources and less time, a result that would seem to require more of each. 

Paul Revere, immortalized in the famed North End landmark pictured here, is an icon for the ingenuity of early New Englanders. He is perhaps the greatest representation of public communications – before the invention of blogs. Paul Revere’s midnight ride was in fact social media in the 18th century. Imagine how much time he could have saved with just one tweet!

Thank you for your interest, and your commentary.

Kathy Tito

Editor, The Bootstrap

President and Founder,  New England Sales & Marketing

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